Yleissopimus tehty Euroopan unionista tehdyn sopimuksen K.3 artiklan perusteella tietotekniikan käytöstä tullialalla

Konvention som utarbetats på grundval av artikel K.3 i fördraget om Europeiska unionen, om användning av informationsteknologi för tulländamål

Convention drawn up on the basis of Article K.3 of the Treaty on European Union, on the use of information technology for customs purposes


II Monenväliset sopimukset
1. Kauppa ja talous
1.1. tulli ja kauppa

26.07.1995 (Bryssel)

Ratifiointipäivä:22.03.1999 H
Kansainvälinen voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
Sopimukset: 56/2000 57/2000 106/2005
Säädösviitteet: 1038/2005 871/2000

Sopimukseen tehdyt muutokset

  • 106/200529.11.1996Pöytäkirja Euroopan yhteisöjen tuomioistuimen ennakkoratkaisuin tapahtuvaa tulkintaa tietotekniikan käyttöä tullialalla koskevasta yleissopimuksesta
  • 26/2008, 27/20088.5.2003Euroopan unionista tehdyn sopimuksen 34 artiklan mukaisesti tehty pöytäkirja tietotekniikan käytöstä tullialalla tehdyn yleissopimuksen muuttamisesta tullitutkintatietokannan perustamisen osalta
  • 28/2008, 29/200812.3.1999Euroopan unionista tehdyn sopimuksen K.3 artiklan perusteella tehty pöytäkirja tuottoon liittyvän rahanpesun soveltamisalasta tietotekniikan käytöstä tullialalla tehdyssä yleissopimuksessa ja kuljetusvälineen rekisterinumeron sisällyttämisestä


    Sitoutumispäivä: 21.11.2000
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 26.09.2005
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 08.11.2007 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 01.12.2007
    Sitoutumispäivä: 22.07.1999 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 27.03.2002
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 18.06.1997 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 21.12.1998
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 28.08.1998 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 08.11.1999 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 15.07.2004 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 14.06.2004 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 27.05.2004 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 31.01.2003
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005

    The Supervisory Authority provided for in Article 17(2) of the law of 2 August 2002 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data is designated as the national supervisory authority provided for in Article 17 of the Convention, its task being to monitor compliance with the provisions on the protection of personal data in the framework of the use of the Customs Information System. The Customs and Excise Administration is designated as the national authority having direct access to the data in the Customs Information System provided for in Article 7(1) and as the authority which may make use of the data referred to in Article 8(2) of the Convention. It is responsible, at national level, for the Customs Information System under Article 10(1) of the Convention.

    Sitoutumispäivä: 13.07.2007
    Voimaantulopäivä: 11.10.2007


    In accordance with Article 17 of the Convention drawn up on the basis of Article K.3 of the Treaty on European Union, on the use of information technology for customs purposes (CIS Convention), Malta designates the Data Protection Commissioner as the national supervisory authority responsible for the protection of personal data to carry out independent supervision of such data included in the CIS.

    Sitoutumispäivä: 04.05.1999
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 18.11.2005 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 16.02.2006
    Sitoutumispäivä: 11.08.2000
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 08.11.2007 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 01.12.2007
    Sitoutumispäivä: 16.02.1998 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 30.04.2004
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005

    Declarations Re Article 1 The Council and the Commission note that the Customs Information System set up and managed on the basis of the Convention and the envisaged Customs Information System based on the proposal for a Council Regulation on mutual assistance between the administrative authorities of the Member States and cooperation between the latter and the Commission to ensure the correct application of the law on customs or agricultural matters [OJ No C 56, 26.2.1993, p. 1] belong to two different legal systems. Re Article 3 The Commission agrees to accept the mandate entrusted to it by the High Contracting Parties for the technical management of the infrastructure of the Customs Information System and will take, as part of its management, the necessary measures to ensure that data are protected. It specifies, however, that in order for it to be legally able to fulfil that mandate, its undertaking cannot be implemented until the proposal for a Regulation referred to in the declaration regarding Article 1 has been adopted by the Council. Article 6(2) If any of the measures referred to in the second sentence are not permitted under the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany will take another measure which is permissible under this law, within the meaning of Article 5(1). Re Article 15(2) The Council notes that the differing language versions of Article 15(2) of the Convention are a reflection of its wishes. Re Article 16 The Member States agree that the rules of procedure of the Committee shall provide that the meetings of the Committee shall take place in conjunction with meetings held in the framework of cooperation in the field of justice and home affairs as referred to in Title VI of the Treaty on European Union. Re Article 22(1) The Member States note that the costs referred to in Article 22(1) cover repetitive expenditure on the operation and use of the CIS, such as that involved in opening up to the public telecommunications network, expenditure on telephonic telecommunications and on the maintenance of terminals in the Member States. Re Article 22(2) The Member States, at the time of drawing up this Convention, note that the expenditure contained in the list below covers, in ways that cannot be separately identified, the operation of the CIS, both the aspects of the system covered by Title VI of the Treaty on European Union and those relating to Community competence, and is therefore to be charged to the budget of the European Communities: -purchase of terminals under the current programme for the Community network; -installation of the CIS application enabling coordinators to access the Community network; -replacement of terminals under the terms of the guarantee period; -installation and operation of the central computer; -maintenance and possibly replacement of the central computer; -development and installation of CIS software for both national terminals and the central computer; -development and installation of facilities that can be used for both Community and non-Community purposes; -help-desk for all problems connected with operation of the CIS; -training of national CIS users; -reimbursement of the cost of training programmes organized by the Commission outside the workplace. The Commission states that it subscribes to this finding. It follows that the "other expenditure" referred to in Article 22(2) is that concerning the future development of the CIS, such as the creation of screens or the implementation of technical facilities appropriate to Title VI of the Treaty on European Union. Declaration relating to the Naples Convention The Council agrees that a review of the Convention on the Provision of Mutual Assistance by Customs Authorities of 7 September 1967 (known as the Naples Convention), including its provisions on data protection, is necessary. Endeavours must be made to achieve at least the same rules for data protection under the Convention as have been envisaged in the proposal for a Regulation referred to in the declaration re Article 1.

    Sitoutumispäivä: 06.05.2004 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 08.07.2004 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 01.08.1996 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005

    Alueellinen soveltaminen: Ei sovelleta Färsaariin eikä Grönlantiin.

    Sitoutumispäivä: 28.01.2005 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005
    Sitoutumispäivä: 31.08.2004 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005

    To Paragraph 3 of Article 10 In accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 10 of the Convention, the Republic of Hungary appoints the Customs and Finance Guard of the Ministry of Finance as a central authority to carry out the functions provided for by this Convention.

  • VIRO
    Sitoutumispäivä: 18.03.2005 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.12.2005

    The Republic of Estonia designate: 1) the national authority referred to in Article 7 paragraph 1 and Article 10 paragraph 1of the Convention, is the Tax and Customs Board; 2) the national authorities referred to in Article 8 paragraph 2 of the Convention are the Security Police Board, the Central Criminal Police and the Board of Border Guard; 3) the national supervisory authority referred to in Article 17 paragraph 1 and the information transmitter referred to in Article 8 paragraph 4 of the Convention is the Data Protection Inspectorate; 4) the information transmitter referred to in Article 7 paragraph 2, Article 8 paragraph 3, Article 10 paragraph 3 and Article 12a paragraph 3 of the Convention is the Tax and Customs Board.

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