Latest updates of translations

739/2023 English
Act on Patient Ombudspersons and Social Services Ombudspersons (edited 10.11.2023)
688/2001 English
Act on Discretionary Government Grants (edited 30.10.2023)
418/2017 English
Act on Decision-Making on International Assistance, Cooperation or Other International Activities (edited 26.10.2023)
675/2023 English
Disability Services Act (edited 19.10.2023)
561/2023 English
Pilotage Act (edited 12.10.2023)
415/2011 English
Postal Act (edited 9.10.2023)
1047/2001 English
Lotteries Act (edited 9.10.2023)
863/2019 English
Money Collection Act (edited 6.10.2023)
146/2017 English
Government Decree on Communicable Diseases (edited 6.10.2023)
444/2017 English
Act on Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (edited 6.10.2023)
426/2015 English
Act on International Legal Assistance and Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters (edited 6.10.2023)
932/2014 English
Universities of Applied Sciences Act (edited 6.10.2023)
172/2012 English
Act on the monitoring of foreigners' corporate acquisitions in Finland (edited 6.10.2023)
325/2013 English
Act on the Freezing of Funds with a View to Combating Terrorism (edited 6.10.2023)
794/2004 English
Government Decree on University Degrees (edited 6.10.2023)
1305/2002 English
Act on Job Alternation Leave (edited 6.10.2023)
504/2002 English
Act on checking the criminal backround of persons working with children (edited 6.10.2023)
1527/2001 English
Act on the Market Court (edited 6.10.2023)
277/2000 English
Government Decree on Compensation for Damages Caused by Predatory Animals (edited 6.10.2023)
628/1998 English
Basic Education Act (edited 6.10.2023)

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