All translations in alphabetical order: R

859/2018 English
Radiation Act
517/1988 English
Radio Act
198/2003 English
Railway Act
554/1995 English
Real Estate Formation Act
392/1985 English
Real Estate Register Act
602/2002 English
Regional Development Act
954/1981 English
Regional Transport Subsidy Act
512/1993 English
Register of Ships Act
874/1993 English
Register of Ships Decree
221/1971 English
Registered Designs Act
252/1971 English
Registered Designs Decree
848/1990 English
Reindeer Husbandry Act
883/1990 English
Reindeer Husbandry Decree
768/2005 English
Remand Imprisonment Act
379/2011 English
Rescue Act
47/1993 English
Restructuring of Enterprises Act
650/1990 English
Right-of Occupancy Housing Act

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