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471/2016 English
Act on the Traffic Safety Fee
719/1994 English
Act on the Transport of Dangerous Goods
954/2012 English
Act on the Type Approval of Certain Construction Products
62/2006 English
Act on the Use of Animals for Experimental Purposes
764/2013 English
Act on the Use of Orphan Works
109/2007 English
Act on the Use of the Kyoto Mechanisms
1190/1993 English
Act on the Use, Assignment and Redemption of State-Subsidized (ARAVA) Rental Dwellings and Buildings
424/2014 English
Act on the Watercraft Register
395/2012 English
Act on the Working and Living Environment and Catering for Seafarers on Board Ships
282/2012 English
Act on the export of defence materiel
559/2009 English
Act on the implementation of the Universities Act
1284/2000 English
Act on the implementation of the provisions of a legislative nature of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and on the application of the Statute
1612/1992 English
Act on the monitoring of foreigners' corporate acquisitions in Finland
1346/1999 English
Act on the public disclosure and confidentiality of tax information
1613/1992 English
Act on the surveillance of non-residents' and foreign organizations' acquisitions of real property in Finland
1217/1994 English
Act on the taxation of shareholders in Controlled foreign companies (CFCs)
165/1999 English
Act on the transfer of pensions between the Finnish earnings-related pension scheme and the pension scheme of the European Communities
516/1991 English
Act on the use of the Sami language before the authorities
1145/1988 English
Administration of Suomenlinna Act
168/1989 English
Administration of Suomenlinna Decree

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