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1099/1998 English
Act on Licences for Roadworthiness Test of Vehicles
1195/2000 English
Act on Limiting the Use of Index Clauses
1709/2015 English
Act on Managing the Risk Caused by Alien Species
420/1962 English
Act on Mediation in Labour Disputes
1171/2010 English
Act on Medical Fitness Examinations of Seafarers
1378/2004 English
Act on Metsähallitus
211/2006 English
Act on Military Crisis Management
255/2014 English
Act on Military Discipline and Combating Crime in the Defence Forces
1096/2006 English
Act on Ministers' Pay and Allowances
1240/1999 English
Act on Mortgage Credit Banks
688/2010 English
Act on Mortgage Credit Banks
936/1978 English
Act on Mortgage Societies
1559/2001 English
Act on National Aid for Agriculture and Horticulture
620/2012 English
Act on National Implementation of the Provisions of a Legislative Nature Contained in the Framework Decision on Supervision Measures Imposed as an Alternative to Provisional Detention and on the Application of the Framework Decision
326/1963 English
Act on Nordic Co-operation in Criminal Matters
278/2016 English
Act on Notified Bodies Concerning Certain Product Groups
1197/2009 English
Act on Notifying the European Commission of Information Relating to the Market Surveillance of Certain Products Presenting a Risk
44/2006 English
Act on Occupational Safety and Health Enforcement and Cooperation on Occupational Safety and Health at Workplaces
1673/2009 English
Act on Oil Pollution Response
297/2010 English
Act on Payment Institutions

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