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1336/1997 English
Accounting Act
1339/1997 English
Accounting Ordinance
11/1999 English
785/1992 English
Act on the Status and Rights of Patients
583/2006 English
Act Amending the Child Welfare Act
902/2010 English
Act amending the Act on the Approval of Certain Provisions of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction and on its Application
411/1986 English
Act concerning State Indemnity for Art Exhibitions
29/2000 English
Act on Access to and Pursuit of the Profession of Veterinary Surgeon
308/2006 English
Act on Accommodation and Food Service Activities
1419/2014 English
Act on Additional Pension Provision for Athletes
162/2014 English
Act on Alternative Investment Funds Managers
442/1998 English
Act on Arrangements for the Establishment of a State-Owned Specialist Financing Company
1237/2006 English
Act on Assisted Fertility Treatments
710/2011 English
Act on Audiovisual Programmes
22/2014 English
Act on Authorised Industrial Property Attorneys
1231/2007 English
Act on Authorised Translators
34/2010 English
Act on Aviation Emissions Trading
633/1998 English
Act on Basic Education in the Arts
574/2017 English
Act on Bondholder Representatives (574/2017)
1634/1992 English
Act on Bonus for Home Savers

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