English translations in alphabetical order: N

694/1985 English
Names Act
254/1991 English
Names Decree
1289/1993 English
Narcotics Act
373/2008 English
Narcotics Act
31/1972 English
National Board of Antiquities Act
119/1992 English
National Board of Antiquities Decree
347/1956 English
National Pensions Act
359/2003 English
Nationality Act
508/2000 English
Natural Gas Market Act
1096/1996 English
Nature Conservation Act
160/1997 English
Nature Conservation Decree
21/2004 English
Non-Discrimination Act
1446/2007 English
Non-Military Service Act
1325/2014 English
Non-discrimination Act
990/1987 English
Nuclear Energy Act
161/1988 English
Nuclear Energy Decree
484/1972 English
Nuclear Liability Act

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