English translations in alphabetical order: L

555/1981 English
Land Extraction Act
91/1982 English
Land Extraction Decree
132/1999 English
Land Use and Building Act (amendment 222/2003 included)
895/1999 English
Land Use and Building Decree
148/1922 English
Language Act
423/2003 English
Language Act
257/2002 English
Legal Aid Act
1078/1998 English
Library Decree
715/2011 English
Licenced Legal Counsel Act
1134/2016 English
Lift Safety Act
624/2006 English
Limited Liability Companies Act
1599/2009 English
Limited Liability Housing Companies Act
365/1995 English
Local Goverment Act
410/2015 English
Local Government Act
1250/1987 English
Local Mutual Insurance Associations Act
1047/2001 English
Lotteries Act

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