English translations in alphabetical order: D

1380/2004 English
Decree on Metsähallitus
211/1982 English
Decree on Mutual Assistance in Service of Documents in Civil Matters
283/1962 English
Decree on Precautionary Measures for the Protection of Water
46/1964 English
Decree on Public Lending Right Compensation Grants and Subsidies
971/1994 English
Decree on Public Officials in Central Government
796/1991 English
Decree on repeal of Sweeteners Decree
189/1999 English
Decree on Restrictions to the Export of Cultural Goods
1123/1999 English
Decree on Ship Surveys
66/1998 English
Decree on Social Assistance
349/1989 English
Decree on special products
901/1989 English
Decree on State Waste Management Work performed by the State
1587/1993 English
Decree on State-subsidized Housing Loans (ARAVA Decree)
948/1998 English
Decree on Teacher Qualifications in Arts
58/1993 English
Decree on the Adjustment of the Debts of a Private Individual
993/1995 English
Decree on the Application of the Act on the Delimitation of the Territorial Waters of Finland
575/1995 English
Decree on the Application of the Copyright Act in Certain Cases to Protected Items Originating in States Belonging to the European Economic Area
362/1992 English
Decree on the Enforcement of the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal and on the Entry into Force of the Act Issued on the Approval of some of its Provision
122/1998 English
Decree on the Environmental Protection of Antarctica
926/1991 English
Decree on the examination for chartered public finance auditors and on CPFA
946/1991 English
Decree on the Exclusive Right in the Layout-Design (Topography) of an Integrated Circuit

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