English translations in alphabetical order: A

1059/1985 English
Act on Business Prohibitions
449/1988 English
Act on Central Government Lending and Central Government Guarantees
1704/2009 English
Act on Central Government Transfers to Local Government for Basic Public Services
662/1998 English
Act on Certain Pension Arrangements for Teaching
1528/2001 English
Act on Certain Proceedings before the Market Court
684/2015 English
Act on Certain Requirements Concerning Asbestos Removal Work
467/1999 English
Act on Chartered Public Finance Auditors
361/1983 English
Act on Child Custody and Right of Access
444/2007 English
Act on Class Actions
734/1992 English
Act on Client Charges in Healthcare and Social Welfare
1503/2016 English
Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care
335/2007 English
Act on Co-operation within Finnish and Community-wide Groups of Undertakings
334/2007 English
Act on Co-operation within Undertakings
664/1970 English
Act on Collective Agreements for Public Officials in Central Government
795/1980 English
Act on Collective Marks
378/1974 English
Act on Combating Oil Pollution on Land
1501/2001 English
Act on Commercial Banks and Other Credit Institutions in the Form of a Limited Company
417/1992 English
Act on Commercial Representatives and Salesmen
213/2019 English
Act on Common Funds
48/1999 English
Act on Common Funds

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