English translations in alphabetical order: A

447/2016 English
Act on Posting Workers
68/1998 English
Act on Preventing and Clearing Money Laundering
458/2002 English
Act on Provision of Information Society Services
348/2007 English
Act on Public Contracts
88/1973 English
Act on Public Legal Aid
236/1961 English
Act on Public Lending Right Compensation Grants and Subsidies
750/1994 English
Act on Public Officials in Central Government
1397/2016 English
Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts
199/1997 English
Act on Public Prosecutors
272/2005 English
Act on Qualification Requirements for Social Welfare Professionals
1015/2001 English
Act on Radio Frequencies and Telecommunications Equipment
1075/2000 English
Act on Real Estate Brokerage and Letting Agencies
950/2001 English
Act on Registered Partnerships
1100/1998 English
Act on Registration Services of Vehicles
481/1995 English
Act on Residential Leases
898/1998 English
Act on Restraining Orders
387/2013 English
Act on Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment
115/1999 English
Act on Restrictions to the Export of Cultural Goods
1072/1994 English
Act on Right-of-Occupancy Associations
209/2015 English
Act on Safeguarding Direct Pension Promises in the Event of Employer Insolvency

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