All translations in alphabetical order:

898/1998 English
Act on Restraining Orders
387/2013 English
Act on Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment
115/1999 English
Act on Restrictions to the Export of Cultural Goods
1072/1994 English
Act on Right-of-Occupancy Associations
209/2015 English
Act on Safeguarding Direct Pension Promises in the Event of Employer Insolvency
584/2015 English
Act on Ships' Medical Stores
1687/2009 English
Act on Ships’ Crews and the Safety Management of Ships
1412/1997 English
Act on Social Assistance
1351/2003 English
Act on Social Enterprises
63/2018 English
Act on Space Activities
1062/1989 English
Act on Specialized Medical Care
573/1972 English
Act on State Guarantees Granted to Companies Engaged in Shipbuilding or Shipowning Operations
204/1996 English
Act on State Guarantees for Owner-Occupied Housing Loans
609/1973 English
Act on State guarantees and export guarantees granted to industry for investments promoting environmental protection
651/1985 English
Act on State guarantees for ensuring the supply of basic raw materials
529/1993 English
Act on State guarantees for rescheduling of credits
594/1992 English
Act on State guarantees on risk capital
1189/1993 English
Act on State-subsidized Housing Loans (ARAVA Act)
617/2009 English
Act on Strong Electronic Identification and Electronic Trust Services
1281/2004 English
Act on Subsidies for Improving the Housing Conditions of Special Groups

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