All translations in alphabetical order:

693/1976 English
Tobacco Act
412/1974 English
Tort Liability Act
595/2018 English
Trade Secrets Act
7/1964 English
Trademarks Act
296/1964 English
Trademarks Decree
1085/1994 English
Travel Information Decree
1061/1978 English
Unfair Business Practices Act
558/2009 English
Universities Act
645/1997 English
Universities Act
932/2014 English
Universities of Applied Sciences Act
1501/1993 English
Value Added Tax Act
1090/2002 English
Vehicles Act
541/2003 English
Vehicular and Driver Data Register Act
1030/1999 German
Verordnung über Öffentlichkeit und gute Informationshandhabung bei der Tätigkeit von Behörden
623/2005 English
Vessel Traffic Service Act
1072/1993 English
Waste Act
646/2011 English
Waste Act
1390/1993 English
Waste Decree
673/1978 English
Waste Management Act
307/1979 English
Waste Management Decree

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