Translations of Finnish acts and decrees: 1989

1144/1989 English
Act on the Housing Fund of Finland
1071/1989 English
1062/1989 English
Act on Specialized Medical Care
1045/1989 English
Foundations Decree
962/1989 English
Council of State Decision on Restricting the Import of Fully Halogenated Chlorofluorocarbon Compounds, and Bromofluorochlorocarbon and Bromofluorocarbon Compounds
901/1989 English
Decree on State Waste Management Work performed by the State
824/1989 English
Ministry of the Environment Decision on Waste Management Plans Submitted to a Provincial Government for Approval
814/1989 English
Act on Personnel Funds
789/1989 English
Council of State Decision on Restricting the Use of Fully Halogenated Chlorofluorocarbon Compounds
744/1989 English
Chemicals Act
503/1989 English
Associations Act
495/1989 English
Securities Markets Act
351/1989 English
Decree on the Finnish Guarantee Board
349/1989 English
Decree on special products
168/1989 English
Administration of Suomenlinna Decree
111/1989 English
Act on the Finnish Guarantee Board

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